tic tac toe

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drawcoco [Learner]
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500 50 -30
Machine Features: 

tic tac toe with:

- turn detection
- win detection
- anti-spam proofing (1ms delay)
-a nice little touch of decoration for your eyes :D


How To Use: 

It should be intuitive but if you have problem,

you basically have a 3x3 grid of pressure plates to jump on, and a reset pressure plate (red one)

Request status: 
Not approved


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Hello, drawcoco!

Thank you for your promotion request. At this time being, we have denied your request for Regular, as we do not feel the build is quite there. Below are some things that we noticed that I would like changed.

1. Spam protection is not quite there. It is actually only spam proofed between 2 ticks (200ms), meaning it must have at least 2 ticks between presses. This means you can easily place two chips in one turn by flying over the pressure plates. Generally, we require it to be spam proofed between 1 tick (100ms). Because TicTacToe is the simplest challenge for Regular, we often get pretty picky about requirements.

2. The win detection display occasionally flickers while playing the game, even though neither player has won yet. I would like to see this visual bug fixed.

3. The win detection circuit could most likely be optimized. There are some seemingly unnecessary delays and the wiring does appear somewhat messy. I will leave that up to your discretion, but I would generally like to see some improvements in that area.

4. I am not a huge fan of the pressure plate-based keypad. I will not say it is required for you to change it, but if you would like a little challenge and maybe better chance at ranking up, I'd love to see a button-based keypad instead. Button-based keypads offer extra compactness as well.

My suggestion would actually be to start again from barebones and take all this info into account. You are welcome to look at other's builds for inspiration and you are welcome to ask for assistance from other members if you need it. Please feel free to contact me if you need clarification on anything. Overall, I am very happy with your progression and I believe if you keep it up, you will soon find yourself with a fancy, dark blue prefix!


By Farex

Thanks for your reply Permalink,
No problem with your choice, I'll anderstand it :)
I had a conversation with Ecconia saying that an easy CPU would also be ok for me to get the Regular rank,
I might go for this as I've done so work already, is it ok for you too?

I only want it to get acces to world edit because my irl schedule it quite booked up by my classes and I love redstone but don't have much time for it. so making the same module many times is annoying :)

ps: If you can I'd love a list of things to do to get the flikering of the winning display, i've never seen this bug thanks :)


By drawcoco