Solid State Connect 4

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zydn: Learner+
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659 100 2540 (/p tp plot-zydn)
Machine Features: 

Spam proofing to the best of my abilities without breaking my brain, turn detection, win detection.
Spam proofing locks inputs very shortly after button is pressed, with comparators.
Turn detection is a t-flip flop that goes into a small contraption built behind every display. This changes the signal strength that the input into the turn detection modules outputs, which goes into a very small redcoder to switch between one of two outputs. While the input is on, the turn cannot be changed on that specific tile, but can be changed on any other empty module. This means that the turn cannot change in tiles that are already occupied.
The falling logic (lime) is basically just a ton of SR latches that lock / unlock inputs to the rest of the system from the falling logic. This is what controls the collision as well. Due to the slight delay and the screen not really having a buffer or screen memory, there is an animation to the pieces falling.
The orange bit is like turn detection in that it also changes turns, but it is for the win detection. It controls which player it outputs into the win detection. The win detection is basically just a bunch of SS and gates. 6 rows for horizontal, 7 columns vertical, and 12 lines for diagonals.
The winner is displayed on top of the board, if the middle light is on there is no winner (that's just a filler in between the two lights ngl). Due to how this display works by taking the turn detection and displaying it, when there is a win detected, the inputs to the game are all disabled once there is a winner (though admittedly, this is a bit slow).

Colour coding:
White - Screen Wiring
Yellow - Screen Turn Detection
Lime - Falling Logic SR Gates
Orange - Win Detection Turn Detection + Side Picker (really have no clue what a good name for this would be lol)
Blue - Win Detection
Magenta - Turn Switching
Red - Spam Proofing

Note: As the contraption name suggests, this system is entirely solid state (besides if you would count hoppers, there are two hoppers). Also, unlike the previous build, this connect 4 is actually 7x6 and not 4x4. My bad lol. No, it did not take me months to build this, I just haven't logged on in that time basically at all.

How To Use: 

Press buttons above each column of displays to drop a piece down. To win, get 4 of the same pieces in a row (diagonally, horizontally, or vertically). Winner is displayed at the top. Once somebody wins (or if you need to reset), there is a reset button at the bottom of the machine.

Request status: 


whole plot has been moved so coords are different, should be right under the hangman near the top of the plot.

By zydn