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shongzah learner
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Machine Features: 

loss detection, hangman board, anti re-guess circuitry, reset, show word, automatic letter incrementation, overcomplicated circuitry

things I haven't added: win detection, anti spam(though its fairly fast already)

How To Use: 

Go to the red side and hit reset. From there you can input a word by pressing the buttons.(wait about half a second in between inputs) Once you are done you can hit the "done" button and that will signal to the machine that you are done. After that tell a friend how many letters there are and your friend can go over to the blue side and guess some letters.

Request status: 
Not approved


I forgot to submit a request when I made this so its like a month or two old

By shongzah

There are some issues with it, which a regular build should not have:
- One letter-decoder per display, instead of only one.
- Many torch towers (use slabs/glass instead)
- The letter wires from input and within the main unit are unary encoded (one wire per letter), instead of for example binary (number per letter), which should shrink everything down a lot.
^That's the big issues.

By Ecconia