The New Creative Map is Open

That's right, after a long wait, we have finally opened our new Creative map. The bad news is we are deleting the old creative map as soon as possible and we ask that you immediately contact a moderator or administrator to transfer your creation; creations will only be moved if they meet expectations (not a dirt house). In the new Creative map, no large-scale Redstone creations will be allowed (the Redstone world is for that). The warp for the world is /warp Creative World. I look forward to seeing you there!

If you would like a copy of the map, please contact any administrator. Thank you for building all your wonderful creations there.


Is it me? or are Captain Sparklez' parodies addictive? I listened to this 20 times on the day I joined the server alone, and his song Revenge and TNT are just epic too, one question Dubastot, when is the getting deleted?

By Dunkler_Drache

No, the is never going to be deleted unless some freak accident occurs. Would you like a copy of the map?

By dubastot

I would like a schematic of my plot, as I do not see myself on this server anytime soon for obvious reasons

By Dunkler_Drache

Hi, could i have a copy of the map?

There were some things that I helped build and other things I would like to examine.
Could you send me a copy?


By MrMateBlack