4 Bit Combination Lock

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M4ximumpizza: Learner
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618 149 13
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Its a ten digit combination lock that has four correct numbers and 6 wrong numbers. It has 2 encoders and 2 decoders with a screen too (Which is off center). When you press the right button it, the encoder sends another single to one of the four T-flip-flops that turns on the of the signals. Then when all redstone torchs turn on, it opens the 2 iron doors.

If you press the wrong combination it sends a signal that pulls the block with the correct signel away so if the right signal goes through it gets canceled.

The screen uses a simple number display that shows what number is pressed.

How To Use: 

You press one of the buttons on the number pad. If you look at the screen it will show the number
If you answer the combination correct it will open the doors.

Password is 1,5,7,9

And the numbers goes from
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

0 btw it just sends no number on the screen but still counts for the combination lock

Then if you want to clear the passcode, press the clear button and it will reset.

Light turns on if passcode is incorrect.

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Not approved


Nice adding a display, have not seen that before :)

Denied, because one cannot reprogram the combinational lock.
The build is too simple, if you cannot change the code.

Also there is no indicator, when the code starts. So you could type 4 digits, but never get it right, because someone else typed 2 digits before.
One way do solve this, is to recognize the right digit combination no matter how many had been entered before.

By Ecconia