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This is not a post

This this post post.. NO NO this is not a post. umm, A kitten was walking in a field of grass and noticed a dog. He was scared that the dog was evil, so the kitten ate BEKFEST, he looked around for a grass to eat, he found he was standing in it, He meowed and purred when he met Kitten #2, They made a new language together, they got the dog. Then they found a magical suit and it was very strong, it was stronger than oobleck, and the dogs tried to attack the kitten with the magical suit, it just hurt the dog and not the kitten. The suit was then called 'Kitten armour'. It was durable, strong, and useful. He found that he could duplicate anything using a special stick, he duplicated his Kitten armour and gave it to his friend, 5 years later they had a baby, and made more armour. The End.

This is all real kitten news

this stry is good

this is random butt good