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Ban Appeal

Hi Redstone Community,
Id Like a second chance at this amazing server.
I got in trouble/banned for turning 200k+ blocks into chest. (which lags the server majorly)
It may seem weird but i did this on accident. I typed up the wrong id number for what i was trying to put down ( i forget what)
but it ended up being chests or levers. One of the two. This was incredibly stupid on my part to mess up that one number.

Why i want back in:
Even tho I low key suck at redstone and would like to improve but its the small community that this server has built upon Redstone that wants me to erge back everyday, Its the little bit of completion while helping others at the same time that makes it all worth while. I was so devastated the day i got banned. I told my self never again would i do something like this.

Its now been over 2 years or just about since the day i got banned. and I'm ready to join back in. if thats possible.

I hope to get this ban pardoned


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Your ban appeal has been approved.

Please try your best to not repeat this mistake, as repeating it may result in another ban, which will be harder to appeal. There was also a note on lag chests on the ban reason, and I advise you to not use those either, as they may also result in a ban.

On a side note, your ban was made on 2017-07-14 (July 14th, 2017).

Best regards,
~ Farex