Tic Tac Toe v2.0

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In-game name (NO VISITORS! Must be LEARNER rank or higher!): 
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eL_T: Learner+
Creation location: 
1536 173 534 (x y z) facing South
Machine Features: 
Features: - Standard (+)/(o) Tic Tac Toe - No AI, player inputs only. - (+) & (o) win detection - Tie detection - Auto-reset (can be disabled with Lever on right side of unit) - 1-tick spam protection - Shared input panel How it works: Upon button press, spam protection is activated in 1-tick. The button pressed sets a latch so it cannot be triggered again until reset. The latch sends out a 1-tick pulse in 2 directions: 1) OR to trigger t-flip-flop, and 2) to trigger the win detection latch for that player. The t-flip-flop switches between the (+) and the (o) sets of latches, and sets the player indicator lamps on screen. This continues each cycle. If a win is detected, all inputs are disabled and the winning string flashes on the screen, then auto resets. If a tie is detected, all inputs are disabled and both indicator lamps will flash, then auto reset.
How To Use: 
# (+) always goes first. - Press 'MANUAL RESET' to clear the board, if necessary - Player 1 (+) presses button corresponding to the field they wish to play - Spam protect is active until all buttons are fully depressed - When indicator lamp is switched, Player 2 (o) may now play - Repeat until game end - If win or tie is detected, inputs are disabled and end sequence is activated/game resets
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I had to move this build because it was in my way, so the new coordinates are 1536 125 534 (x y z) facing South. I also copied the build to the East and stripped away all cosmetic blocks so you can see the Redstone easier.

By eL_T