4 Bit Settable Code Lock

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RedTekk8: Learner+
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2546 152 88
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0-9 decimal input 4 digit code lock Changeable code Clear Button Boats and hoes
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Type in correct code (1,2,3,4) Door will open if code is correct While door is open, press 'Request New Passkey' button Type in new key (Will only remember the last 4 digits) Press 'Apply New Passkey' button Press 'Clear' button Door will close, and new code has been set
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Currently also working on an 8 bit calculator with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. While it is not currently finished, you can take a look around at it to see some of the other stuff I have worked on. The calculator is the largest build on my plot, not easy to miss.

By RedTekk8
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Nice job making a 4 bit settable code lock.

I've noticed that the "Apply New Passkey" button can be pressed both before and after 4 numbers for the new code have been inputted. Pressing "Request New Passkey" followed by 12345 caused the code to be set to 0005. I would suggest changing to behavior to have only a single "Set new code" button, a lamp indicating that the code is currently being changed, and the new code automatically applying after 4 digits are inputted. When the clear button is pressed while the code is being changed, it can function as a cancel button that preserved the previous code. I believe that that last point is already the case.

Because of the issue mentioned above, I personally vote for a deny on this promotion request until the issue is fixed. Note that you are very close to Regular with this and that you can create a new promotion request in case that this has been denied by a majority staff vote before you can patch the build.

Good luck redstoning!

By woesh0007

I am have trouble replicating some the problems described.

"Pressing "Request New Passkey" followed by 12345 caused the code to be set to 0005"
When I press RNP then 12345, the password is set to 2345.

I see your points with the other problems, and with those in mind I will be making a second version of this build. I will post a comment here when it is done.

By RedTekk8

There is a new version of the code lock located at: 2545 180 90. The new version addresses all issues had with the previous version as stated by woesh. Please let me know if there are any questions

By RedTekk8