[Offline voice chat][free]Teamspeak 3 server

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[Offline voice chat][free]Teamspeak 3 server

Hello all that are reading this. well over the last week(or so) ive been exploring the forms a bit more, and I looked at a ban appeal, and I saw that someone posted "we used to have a teamspeak server but it cost too much and we had to remove it." I suddenly figured that Well i know how to make one for free and i did. so now introducing the redstone-server Teamspeak server (free of all cost). it has up to 32 slots(like we need them all) hosted on my 8gb ram computer ive been keeping it up 24/7 I am currently working on it thow it is accessible and usable now but i still need to add all of the offices for staff and the donator channels but its good-enough the ip is:

please read the rules in the lobby and have fun