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Ban Appeal

Crime: Ruining Plots, and Setting up Clocks

I am posting this ban appeal because I would really like to have access to the server again.

I would like to start off by saying that I must really apologize for the clock setting, I was bored and wanted to use bats as target practice for my shooting. I will never again do such things, including the bats. That is, if you allow me back on.

As for the "Ruining Plots", which I suppose refers to griefing, I don't recall such actions, but if you say I did, I suppose that I did. Let me say that to whoevers' stuff I messed with, I am truly and sincerely sorry.

If I get back on, I intend to never do these things again because I know the pain of having your creations messed with/destroyed/griefed, and that this is one of my favourite servers. I won't ever set clocks again unless they are essential to my project.

I hope that you can consider this appeal in good faith, and I ask that you please put it in consideration.

Once again, I am truly sorry for whatever damage I have done to others' creations or whatever acts of "ruining plots" I have committed.

Best Regards,

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This ban apeal is approved, you may now return back to the server.