Griefs! Augh!

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Griefs! Augh!

On the Redstone world, 2 of my only very few creations so far have been majorly griefed. This includes the mini-adventure map I spent until 4 in the morning last night creating, and my 4 way intersection! It kind of looks like certain parts were rolled back, like when I was hollowing out the space underground for the intersection, all the Sandstone on the bottom is back. The mini-adventure map was just plain screwed up, and the 4th (and final) part of it is practically gone. You can see some remnants of its purple wool and stuff, but that's it. I have a private warp to the adv. map called "0bit_maze". If you turn 180 degrees, and go straight, the blue-wooled outline is the intersection. I worked very hard on both of these and would love to see them fixed.


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Hey 0bit,

Hey 0bit,

There's been a lot of stuff logged in that area. It looks like we need you online to verify that we rollback to the correct state.
Also, if you catch me tomorrow I can transfer your circuits into a protected region in the redstone world, where only you will be able to build.