Donated 5 Bucks But didn't get my money?

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Donated 5 Bucks But didn't get my money?

I paid $5.00 to the server but the donation package didn't send me my Perks? Can any staff member please take a look at this, That would be awesome! Thanks!!


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Now i'm not the authority on the donation thing but I can relay what I've learned so far. Donation gets you a donator tag with a special color, enhanced WE prevlidges(not unrestricted WE), and the right to talk to staff for a plot assignment. Beyond that if you were expecting the typical donation packages like other servers have, I'm about 98% sure they don't have those here. (2% is cuz i've never seen the survival side of the server)

Please talk to an Admin or MOD while they are on the server to recieve your donator perks. =D

I hope this has addressed your question.