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Showcase Area

My current project is putting together a showcase area for new people to see and use for an introduction to our server and what we do. I'd like everyone's help in gathering the best of the best of our machines. Here are some details/requirements:

-Credit will be given at each machine.
-Your suggestion does not need to be your own build.
-Machines must be extremely compact, fast, and most importantly user friendly.
-Math builds must have decimal inputs and outputs.
-Machines must use minimal amounts of levers. Buttons are preferred for their ease of resetting.
-All machines must have complete instructions.

Currently-listed machines and their coordinates can be found at /warp showcase. Make your suggestions in this thread and keepers will be posted at the warp. Be sure to post the coordinates, the builder, and a short description.


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great ^_^

ok i'll thrown in my SS counter goes both ways technicly, dff tff repeater lock demo's I made, tff binary counter for intro (i'll make it 4 bit auto off at 16) might think of a few other trinkets I got like my memory cell, that's small.

How about my 5x5?

Please add my 5x5 to it,
I will create a floating block in my plot to what oen I want to add.



Oh maybe

Sorry for the spam. of me