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/cr petition

Well, I've been thinking about making an advanced defense system for a base in /cr. However, lava flows are not allowed. Would it be possible to enable lava flows only there? If the staff doesn't agree, I would appreciate it if people could approve of this in comments below. :) Thank you, everyone!

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I know I'd love to make some stone and cobble genny's =p

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I don't see why it would be a

I don't see why it would be a problem. You have my vote unless the remaining staff believe it will create problems.

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I agree

I've enabled lava in the Creative world. Be careful though, lava will break redstone items.


Aww, thanks, you're the best.

Aww, thanks, you're the best. :)

I'm glad I made a difference in the community.

Why were mobs removed from /cr?

Why were mobs removed from /cr? I was going to do something tiny with a 4 hostile mobs (no ghasts).

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To remove all sources for lagg.

Everytime I logg on the server, I remove all mobs, items and unecessairy clocks. Most server bans redstone, we want to keep all things. But items, mobs and clocks makes a lot of lagg, so we want to limit those things, when noone are using them.

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