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Computer and plot information

Hello redstoners! I am just here to inform you that i will be attempting to make a computer out of the purest of redstone, just like this server. I just want some info and a new plot, preferable away from my current plot. I need to know stuff like if i need RAM or a CPU. Do i even need a CPU?

I want to rank up to eather builder or hopefully senior. That is why i want to know this stuff. I want to ensure that i get an upgrade.

This is actually a little bit of extra info but my ign is mttprvst13.

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I'll not grant you a plot now. As a regular you are supposed to find this information your self, like most of the current staff did when they were regular. I'd advice you to use YouTube. But I might be able to give you a small push as beginning help;

The main part of a computer, that needs most time and care is the CPU. A CPU is a common refrence for ALU, RAM, Register and simple inputs and outputs. The inputs does not mean a control panel, but the control panel is hooked up to the inputs, maybe with a decoder or encoder inbetween. The same thing with the output, you may want a decoder or encoder for the outputs.

When you got the CPU, then you need ROM and a clock to run programs. You could add comparator (the component), GPU, Double dabble, multiplexer and different things. Obviously you need to make one program for the computer to be verified.

You don't need more space to make the components, show us that you can make them (not copy from other people), and we'll happily consider to give you another plot!

Best regards

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Thank you for the information! That is really helpful! Now I know what my real computers are made of XD. Also if I make it complex enough what rank would be the highest? I am hoping at least Senior or maybe even Mod JR. Thank you again for all the information, this is realy going to help my production. See you on the server.

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ModJr is not a rank you can attain in the manner your attempting. Moderators are chosen from our most dedicated and mature regular players. One does not ask for a staff position but rather demonstrates the qualities of staff and patiently awaits the honor to be bestowed upon them.

As for the ranks you can attain by building (builder/senior) just keep in mind the more complex (quantity of functions and features) combined with the quality of construction (color coding, compactness, bussing routes, layout, and synchronicity(keeping everything in sync)) has a massive impact on the rank you'll be able to achieve. A basic pc with something like 8bit data, 4 ram slots, simple ALU functions, and limited ROM features could get you builder whereas to attain senior you need to demonstrate knowledge beyond the basics of pc construction. A senior PC would probably have 16bit data, 16 ram slots, large scale ROM for complex programs, conditional jumping, double dabble, shift registers, and a full function ALU. Writing an IS (instruction set) or adopting an existing IS (Google it =p ) is not necessary but I would advise some sort of mixing of instructions to reduce the size of your ROM. I can show you the micro-IS system I'm using to help jump start you there.

You'll find me online usually around 10am PST to at least 4pm PST if not much later. Please do some research and watch a few tutorials if not for the build then for the information they provide. The more you know beforehand the better and faster we can teach you and have you running your own pc inside a pc controlled from another pc. =p