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We will be clearing out the Learner plots on March 14th, 2015. TO SAVE YOUR BUILDS, post here with the following information. Anyone who does not follow this structure may lose their build forever!

1. Your In-Game Name
2. The approximate X,Y,Z coordinates of your machine
3. Simple description of what the machine is
4. Whether we can move the machine now or wait until later. (Answer this in the form of a date, or "move now".)
5. (Optional) What X,Y,Z coordinates do you want your build moved to? (Your or someone's plot, Regular's Plots, or return to Learner Area.)

Builds will be moved to a temporary holding plot on or after your specified date (unless you request a different plot), and will remain there until the Learner plots are cleared. Only staff and Trusted WE users will have access to these holding plots. Only serious builds will be saved. Small junk will be denied unless good reason is supplied.

If you have any questions, please reply here or in game to me or the other staff.

- Gort


The Learners area has been cleared and can be used to build on again. The list of saved builds (defined by corner coordinates of a WorldEdit selection):
-564 224 -82 -> Corners: -611, 245, -129 and -480, 211, -61
-546 41 -56 -> Corners: -540, 30, -98 and -637, 103, -18
-627 101 50 -> Corners: -598, 116, 25 and -647, 87, 69
-361 114 -171 -> Corners: -381, 131, -179 and -340, 111, -124
-209 217 117 -> Corners: -197, 191, 128 and -222, 243, 45
-143 135 -401 -> Corners: -130, 137, -416 and -165, 128, -378
-455 71 17 -> Corners: -476, 67, 25 and -446, 88, -13
-37 24 127 -> Corners: Unknown

Have fun building! :)



-564, 224, -82
My first full adder with encoders and double dabble. I don't want it gone. Tis special.
move now.

My build

IGN - dodo721
XYZ- -546 41 -56
It is a machine that will be able to input numbers, do sums to them, store them in RAM then display them later.
I would like it moved on the 29/2/2015
I want it moved to the hold-up plot, then moved later back to the Learner plot.

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1. Burokkus

1. Burokkus
2. -627.011 101.00000 49.993 (/warp Binary)
3. Mini game that has you adding binary
4. Please wait until March 12th, 2015


2.-361, 114, -171 (/warp learnzone)
3. It is a learning area for me to teach binary to newcomers. It has helped out in quite a few situations and is a good place for others to revise.
4. It would be nice if it could be moved on the 12th of March. Thank you :)

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Blacksworn, Williiiammm and Corneralmost10 Collab Build

1. Blacksworn
2. X: -209 Y: 217 Z: 117
3. A 10x10 pixel display drawing tablet using pressure plates
4. Move now please
5. Just to a holding plot until Learner is reset, then you can move it back to Learner again :)

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Flametyty moved post


Your In-Game Name:Flametyty
2. The approximate X,Y,Z coordinates of your machine:XYZ-297.932 / 142.00000 / -492.261
3. Simple description of what the machine is:its going to be a redstone teaching place and a redstone evil lair
4. Whether we can move the machine now or wait until later. (Answer this in the form of a date, or "move now".) Just Make It There After The Reset please
and save the whole building including the paths and rooms. I might keep editing.

I could have left this as an ignored separate post. -.- Instructions say post here, not start a whole new thread.

1. epic1epic1

1. epic1epic1
2. -563, 58, -410
3. Right now it is the start of a computer/ calculator i will be making, it will probably be added on to before the clearing.
4. I don't really care, whatever time suits you

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This request will be denied. The creation is a very common design of a RCA adder with unattached in/outputs.

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1. willverine10

1. willverine10
2. -143, 135, 1401 --- EDIT (woesh0007): Use these coords: -143, 135, -401.
3. It is My most compact 7-segment display
4. 3/12/2015
5. Return to learner area

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1. E_Hos

1. E_Hos
2. -=FIXING=-
3. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot
4. Please wait until March 12th, 2015

Build Save

Name- mythers45

WoeshEdit: Moved to the Regulars area.

Description- Reprogrammable PIN Lock

Moving- 3/13/15 only please.

Where to- Apprentice plots, and after the clear, back to where it is now.

Change to Details

I just earned Apprentice. Now I'd like my build to remain in the regulars area, and I'd like it moved ASAP. Please tell me the coordinates you moved it to as well.

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Moved to the regulars area.

New coordinates: 500, 73, 170 (Regulars area).

Don't delete my machine

1. Weeboo
2. -455 71 17
3. A 1-9 Counter on a 7 Segment Display
4. Move Now
5. Return to Original Coordinates in Learner's Area

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I apologize to those who

I apologize to those who listed specific dates for moving things. I haven't had much time to be in game lately, and probably wont for at least a week or two, as my work schedule was suddenly changed to cover a coworker who is recovering from surgery and added confusion from my boss unexpectedly retiring. On top of that, I've had an influx of recording studio clients booking dates in my spare time.

The clearing date may be pushed back, but it depends on whether or not I can be in game and whether or not the other staff members decide to take on the project instead of me, so continue to post here as if the date will remain the same. Just know it MAY get pushed back.

Sorry for not sticking with the plan. Happy redstoning.


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Builds marked.

The builds that will be saved are marked in green wool boxes. If your build is not boxed and you wish to have it saved, place a post here before the 14th.


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IGN: 3ddy
XYZ: -37 24 127
Keep where it is, move now.
Desc: 1-bit binary adder(So i can remember the design)

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Alright, I guess I could leave it there for you :)