My time to leave.

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My time to leave.

Hello everyone,
Everyone maybe wondering why I am inactive recently.
Heres why:

I had always been on Minecraft daily 12/7. Because of that, it affected my real life due to sitting next to a bright display every day in my bedroom. I did it because I don't have much friends to hang out with. Ever since I learnt what an Operating System is, I had always learned more about them, forgetting about Minecraft. But I discovered Portal when watching a YouTube video when the song "Want You Gone" appered in it - in MS-DOS! I searched up the real thing, decided to try it for familsation. I enjoyed it. But at the point, I quit YouTube and forgotten about Minecraft.

I am a person that is always addicted to something like Minecraft or Club Penguin. If I have too many, I start getting disinteresseded with one of them, for this example, Minecraft and Redstone. When the server upgrade to 1.8, half of all my favourite doors just broke.

For all of those reasons, I am quitting the server. I had a great time here, Dre200 introduced me to the server, got put on Probition for 6 days, unable to do barely eni thing, become friends with other redstoners on the server that made a 6x15 expandable door in my plot. To donating £2.98 to the server.

I will still visit the server sometimes so don't think I am gone forever.

I wish you become a sucsessful community that loads of people will visit

Thank you for reading,