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Ban appeal -LoseJoe

Hey, to whom this may concern, i apparently got banned for "Disrespecting actions (mobbing) and beeing annoying in general" I've been banned for i think around two months now for (Pressing a button on a command block that Eccon put down) and i don't think that is fair i love the community there and my friends play on there, This is kind of stupid but... Yeah. This is my short ban appeal i don't care if you don't unban me But whatever.

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Thats Why

And so thats why you got unbanned... you don't care about anyone other than yourself...

Okay, totally denied!

Multiple Player on the server where pissed by your actions. You gave some players strange names (eg Pedo-~) and you where fighting a lot of time with some players. I watches your actions for a long time and decided to perm ban you!

This replie is a bit late, in case youll ever read it.
There is no hope in unban!