Ban appeal for MagicDiamond

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Ban appeal for MagicDiamond

<--Awesome guy in a Fedora?

So i would like to appeal the ban off MagicDiamond as i was wrongfully banned "In my opinion" As me and spinnys were working on something and he said i was griefing as i was just trying to get it out of the way and show him what i really meant, He is half swedish and he has bad English as he told me on some other server where he does redstone on, He also told me he can type the alphabet in 2.0 seconds and i was amazed by that :) (thank you for that spinnys), But i started to break away his building and he immediately called me a griefer and didn't tell me to stop or anything, I didn't have a chance to reply because he does type VERY fast and also redstone_bunny banning me on the spot with no proof "In my opinion" I do have some screen shots when i evaded the ban and i also see no where in the rules about evading bans for and instant ban or kick's, So that's why i evaded the ban i also had to because it was instant and i couldn't get any proof of what happened, So i went back to the spot and i found everything to be fine no blocks out of place or anything, And i tried telling redstone_bunny to go back in the chat logs to show our conversation of spinnys accusing me of grief, He denied so and i will show a screen shot of that to. I just wish to be unbanned as i think in my opinion i was wrongfully banned for something i don't think i did, Redstone_bunny said also in some screenshots of why didn't i just build somewhere else my reply to that comment is that i didn't think about that in that moment ( I'm stupid, Forgive me for that spinnys, Sorry :/ ) But i want to be unbanned please because it was wrong and he didn't tell me to stop or anything he just black mailed me so bad and he types so fast, Spinnys you little tricky guy :), If i don't have the screen shots in "here" then i must of not figure out how to import images.

Okay so i wasn't able to apply the images but if someone has an idea i will be glad to show them.

So yea spinnys just called me a griefer instead of telling me to stop and also, The reason why i'm in this situation is because i asked him to teach me how to build a ROM and he mistaken it for ROOM as in a house and i told him also i was going to show him what i was talking about so i started to break the blocks to show him because i just didn't think about building anywhere else, So all because he didn't understand English good enough and didn't understand what a ROM was he called me a griefer and got me banned, Had i known he didn't know all redstone as he does do redstone computational on a different server i thought he knew it a lot more than me but know i know he doesn't know what a ROM is i wont ask him again.

Again i don't think i was griefer him in anyway but i did destroy some blocks i will admit that but in no way shape or form was i thinking about griefing him.

Also in spawn where the rules is located, I started reading the rules again and i saw that Buildings like houses belong on creative there for he cant build buildings on the redstone learner plots.

I also saw 2 signs in a corner near the "INSTANT BAN" rules, I would like for those to be move to the instant ban board because i easily missed those when i was a visitor on the server and wasn't aware of those rules until today i decided to read through them so i can make good points about my statements.

I allready told (you direct/indirect?)

Thats a matter that has to be discussed with Bunny, since only he knows the reason. i didn't saw him the last time, so i still can't so something.