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Trouble Connecting

Hi, Idgo211 here, a learner on Starting yesterday, August 13, I started having issues connecting. My wifi had been very slow and laggy, but I wasn't the only one (Ecconia was also lagging from bad wifi) so I didn't think much of it. Soon after, I tried to connect, it worked fine for about 10 seconds, and my game crashed. It was that Java SE Binary platform crash message. The only mods I have are Single Player Commands on Forge. Every time since then, my game crashes with the same message when I try to get on this server. All other servers are working fine. I suspect there might be an issue with one of the scripts. I am running Windows 10 but this isn't W10 minecraft. I haven't had any troub;es until now. Please look into this vecause I love this server. Also please inform me as soon as you believe you have it fixed. Thank you!
*Idgo211 is now afk

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Hei, do you happen to be in the Learner's area? Lately me and some other's have experienced frame drops and lagging right when entering the Learner's area from the Spawn. If you are there, try joining and instantly typing /spawn.

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