Ban request for Merquerey

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Ban request for Merquerey

I was building a divider when a visitor on the server, Merquerey, asked if someone could tp to him and open a chest. I knew there are strict rules in visitor so I just assumed he couldn't open it. I opened the chest and there was some red text at the top of the screen. Before I could read it, Minecraft crashed and almost my entire computer with an error message with something about compressed package. After my computer turned back on (still working) I broke the chest so nobody would have to crash like I did and in the chest were hundreds of chests (in item form) that spewed out. After I got back on he said "Nice trick, right?" I don't htink someone who would crash and nearly damage my computer should be allowed on this server.

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Found how did he do that.

I went to google and searched a bit, found this thing here: im sure thats how he did it.