Redstone Resource Pack

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Redstone Resource Pack

Hi everyone,

I have a custom resource pack that I've been using that enhances the look of Redstone and a couple other items.

Here's a link to an example before/after image:

If anyone is interested I can upload the .zip file to Google Drive or something and give you the download link.

The Resource Pack changes the following:
- Darkened the Redstone Lamp in the 'off' state for higher contrast
- Modified the Redstone Dust and Redstone Dot textures
- Modified the Redstone Torch texture
- Modified the Redstone Repeater on/off texture
- Modified the Redstone Comparator texture
- Made the regular Glass Block fully transparent with a thinner border
- Made the background on the front of signs solid white
- Changed the texture for the Wooden & Diamond Axes to Hi-Resolution*

*I do not take credit for these Axe textures. They were taken from an older Resource Pack called 'R3D CRAFT'.