Stym's let's play series

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Hi everyone,

I'm making a let's play series of the newest Super Hostile map (Waking Up) so you're welcome to check it out if you're curious. Here's the latest episode to give you a quick taste of what the series is all about:

Warning: the language might get strong at times. Please do not proceed if you're easily offended by the f** word. :]

If you'd like to support my series and you have a Minecraft Forums account, please post your comments here:
The playlist with all the episodes can be found here:
Youtube channel link:

Thanks for watching and I hope you will find the series entertaining!



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Finaly Stym is back! We are all very happy that you've returned.

Your Beloving Norwegian:

By Flandyn
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I sure am. :P I'm going to have a lot of work in the next few days, but I'll also do my best to spend more time with you guys.

By stym
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how was ur trip?

By goodby39
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It was good, thank you. I almost stayed there for a permanent residence. :P

By stym