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FrancePvP Ban Appeal

Hello Redstone community,

I got in trouble day of this appeal because I accidently broke blocks in the visitor area without replacing them like I should have. I apologize for doing this and thought about it and told myself that I shouldn't grief and if I did, I would replace the blocks or any Redstone equipment used back to where it was.

I want to be back on this server because I have realized that what I have done is wrong(griefing) and I should have not done this in the first place and if I did this again I would place the blocks back to what they were before destroying them. I would like to be back in this community again because it makes me explore and see what Redstone machines people have made and how it can effect me in the future

I hope I get pardoned after what I have done



Welcome back.

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Spamming in discord channels

Somebody scammed me out of my discord password and then proceeded to use a script to send the same message to every single channel in every single server and to every single friend I have on discord. I am sorry for the inconvience but I changed my password now and it will most likely never happen again. I hope I have explained myself well enough for you to understand. Thank you for your time on reading my appeal and have a great day. Maxipet050


Oke, that sucks. Hope it never happens again. I don't even want to know how that happened...

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Ban Appeal

About 3 years ago (I think) I was banned for griefing, which I didn't even do. At that time, I didn't realize I could appeal bans, and forgot about the server. A couple of days ago, I tried to join the server and saw that I was banned. I then remembered why I was banned, and here I am.

My favorite phrase...

"which I didn't even do"
We don't players if their accounts did not grief.
Consider, Griefing here is even editing a single build you don't own. Or mass spamming/breaking blocks.

Maybe you do remember what ya did back then, but well 3 years, I would forget things by then.

I cannot unban players for the next few hours... Be patient, or wait for somebody else to approve/deny it.

But honestly, ya could have written: "I don't remember what I griefed, if I even griefed. But I will ensure it won't happen again!" :)

Ban appeal For BornGamer2017

Hi Admins!
A long time ago i was banned for swearing. I just wanted to say i am REALLY sorry, and I want to be on the server again, because i like
it. So if i may come again , please reply.
Thank you!

Ban Appeal

I was going to the Redstone for the first time in a while and I’m greeted with this message. You are banned from this server for the following reason: Griefing in learner area (removing the roof of the D.D build). I was banned for destroying my own creation. I made D.D. Even if it wasn’t, I still don’t remember removing it. My username is HunterhasMC

Ban Appeal

Hi, i"ve been banned for 2 years for "small griefs in visitor" but i'd just like to say that i've learnt my lesson and i really want to come back to the server. I admit to doing small griefs in the visitor area and would like to say sorry for any damage that i caused, and would really appreciate one more chance :)

My username: CaloBM


Welcome back to the server. Please read our rules in case that you forgot them.

4 years ago

Hey so i got banned on here about 4 years and it was a perm banned because i greafed someone else and i believe i continued to do it until i got banned well permed and i do miss this server like i really do and and i have learned my punishment to not greaf or else i will get banned again and most likely a perm ban again and i don't want that to happen.
Anyway... so what i'm saying is the fact that i am sorry for greafing the server and i m sorry that i greafed who's ever building i was destroying and i have matured over the years since this happened so as i said i have matured and i have learned my lession and i will not greaf again.

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Hi boogieman2001,

Your appeal has been approved! Welcome back to the server :) Please make sure you update yourself on our rules ( and take care not to break any if you can (there are a lot!).

Hope to see you around! Have fun!
- Farex

ban appeal

hey it seems i got banned for spamming to many stone blocks. when i did it i didnt mean to spam i was just trying to build a big stone floor up in the sky. im sorry about the stone spam and i wont do it again. also it was many years ago and ive learned from my mistakes and i really miss this server.

Ban appeal accepted

You will be unbanned. Please read our rules again - just to refresh them. Since 2015 there had been some changes in them.

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Ban appeal

Hello, i have been banned from Styms's redstone server for minor griefing in the learners area. At the time i did the grief i was not aware or have forgotten about the rule, and it is entirely my fault for not reading them, I am very sorry for what i have done, and promise to never do it again because i don't want to upset or annoy anyone. I hope i can be unbanned and forgiven.

Ban appeal accepted

In general, on any server, one should not break builds someone else owns/created without their consent.
I hope you read our rules, be reminded of all things one should not do.

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Ban appeal

I was banned for socializing in a way that is not appropriate.

I did it because it was my personality at the time.

I wouldn't do it again because I understand that, that type of humor is not tolerated in this server and community. It was wrong for me to be saying those types of jokes. I have became more intelligent & mature with the way I socialize around others.

I am still interested in being within a community of intelligent people and like-minded individuals. And I remembered how much fun I used to have in this server and how much it taught me about computer science related things. I miss this server.

I hope you can understand that these actions were a long time ago (feels like it)


Keep in mind, that this must not happen again.
Welcome back, please read the rules again.

Ban appeal

Hello I would like to be unbannd because what i did was wrong and i promise i will never do it again.
I want to join and build with my friends and have fun. Its been over 2 year since i did it and i have change as a person. If i could go back in time and change what i did i would not have done it.

Ban appeal

Hello I would like to be unbannd because what i did was wrong and i promise i will never do it again.
I want to join and build with my friends and have fun. Its been over 2 year since i did it and i have change as a person. If i could go back in time and change what i did i would not have done it. I buildt a swastika because i thought i was funny but i realised that i wasnt funny. I wont do it again because its not funny what the nazis did and i will never build one again My minecraft name is Submarinmannen90


Thank you for fixing your ban appeal. You have been unbanned.
To be sure, please refresh your knowledge about our rules:

got banned

someone spammed glowstone and placed many blocks in visitors area, i cleaned it up and was banned, i feel like this
ban wasnt warrented

Nutshell: Ban justified, comment again

In general we have the following rule on our server:

2. Any form of griefing will not be tolerated. Griefing is not only destroying, but also changing even one block of a build you do not own.

Now you might wondering "but someone griefed there, so why does that make me a griefer fixing his spam?"

The reason is quite simple, let me explain:

Someone decided that its amazing for 3 days straight to spam a massive amount of blocks all over Visitors. Then at the third day, someone decided to report this issue to staff. Staff - in this case me - is in the bed before midnight and very tired.
Staff has to (should) join, punish the wrongdoer and roll back all actions.

And this is the point where your actions make staffs work very difficult!
- Staff cannot see all the grief that the griefer has done - the griefer gets less punishment.
- (In your case) Staff then sees holes in the floor and sees "oh its a trusted player" - but he did stuff (bans for 1 day). While you only did a bad job, at cleaning up the grief of somebody else.
- Last point: General confusion and high chance to be banned, while it legit being unjust (not in this case) - cause it is difficult to interpret all that data as human.

(And it does not matter which time of day, the fixing actions are always annoying, when its large scale and many parties involved).

So the main point is, fixing grief/spam makes the life of staff difficult and reduces the punishment of the griefer.
The correct action when encountering griefing - no matter how small - is to notify staff and let them fix it. (Except it is your build - you should report that too though)

So in your case, your ban is for:
- Griefing glowstone of somebody else.
- Having produced holes in the floor - either actively or by the rollback tool.

Our rules can be found on this website (to get a refresh):

I hope you understood my reasoning and are not mad at me.
I normally do not like these kind of bans, feel free to comment another ban appeal.

~Ecconia, who just woke up.

got banned pt.2

i know i shouldve left it to the mods, and shouldve filled the holes when i did do it, sorry

Approved, unbanned.

Approved, unbanned.

Ban Appeal: ProTomi99 AKA AMONGUS

Sorry for spamming SUS in discord i ashamed of my act please unban me from your discord server i wont do this again i promise. I was bored. I am soooo dumb spamming SUS.
I hope u forgive me Ecconia A.K.A Best admin ever

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Sorry, I hope you'll understand. MC user: Super_Pizza

Okay, I got banned because I broke doors. Some story then, The first time, I didn't really take care of rules... As for the second time, happening yesterday, I first played with one that was already not working. SGTMIGHTYMIKE kicked me because he thought I spammed it. c'mon, it's broken... After coming back, I played with other doors and I didn't break any of those, Except the last, which probably was caused by my crappy mouse clicking too early... breaking after I opened/closed it more... Anyway, I'm not really the kind to grief, look. I was in RitzKid76's plot for a little while and I placed stuff, destroyed, but I never would destroy important stuff to him or anyone, ignoring door spam... I'm going to try stop breaking doors and if i do, fix 'em, just to repair myself. Thanks!


With some ultimatum rules (discussed in Discord). To be careful from now on. And copy builds before editing/interacting with them.