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Yes, I did read the rules. I was not aware that posting IPs was against the rules. Though, I guess it's common sense. I apologize for not reading rules, which I should have.


Well, then it must be my stupid cousin... sorry for that
Can you take my ban away? I mean not yet but when I manage to logout on cousin pc so this can't happen again?


Yeah tell us when you fixed this issue, and we will unban your account.

Ban Appeal: TheLightning1995

I crashed the server 2 times. One was an accident but the second one was intentional. I also asked to be banned but I regret it, lemme in plz

Just no.

Just no.

Ban Appeal: TheLightning1995 (X2)

Hi can you lemme in again plz? I got banned cuz i was bored and I crashed the server 2 times. The 1st one was an accident but the second was intentional cause people got angry with me when I filled my entire plot with water. im sorry 2 crash server lemme in plz i will never use W/E for bad things i just wanna remember g' ol' dayz.

Banned for Griefing

I swear that it wasn't me that did it. I've been having friends on other servers saying I did weird things that I don't remember doing. I've changed my password. And if you won't believe I was hacked, that's fine. I have reasons why you should unban me for other means.

First of all, once in an incident when the same plot was griefed by a missile sent by CyanRS, not to sabotage or anything, did much more damage yet he wasn't banned. In fact, a Trustee even told me that he wasn't banned by staff because, and I quote "We can't just ban players with higher ranks like that." Well, I have Regular+. Just one rank below.

On top of that, his incident was just forgotten and now he is Mod Jr.(again, no offense to him). Whilst because of a few destroyed blocks I am banned. I find that just plain unfair.

So, please consider this.


First of all, you and only you are responsible for your account!
Means it is not required that it was you. But it was your account for sure, its nice that you changed your password. But you really should think why your account did that.

Now to these reasons you mentioned, what are they?
The only thing i see is that you pull of a story which i totally would ignore, since I even ban Admins if they grief. In fact I honestly don't care for rank and status, grief is grief. I think its just rude or cheap that you want to argue with a story like that. If there was a mistake like that in the past, then someone did something wrong, in my opinion.

So i cannot consider that. Please think about the reason why your account was used. And write a good ban appeal without searching for cheap exploits.

"Cheap and Rude"

I tell the truth and only the truth. Sorry if I was 'rude', but I witnessed that very experience. At more than that, you were the staff member that didn't ban him. I remember consoling you repeatedly. But now I've supposedly done it, I'm immediately banned. If you were still deny, then I consider the server just plain unfair. And by the way, that isn't a threat. If you won't consider it, fine then, mind your own prejudiced business.

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Dear Ismartroman,

We ban accounts for actions that were performed by those accounts. We judge every case seperately and we discuss cases with other staffmembers where nessesary. Since these discussions are not visible to non-staffmembers, decisions might seem unfair sometimes. Comparing your case to other cases will never help and only look like an excuse. I'd also like to mention that ranks of members do not matter in the decision to ban players unless they are staff, in which case we usually discuss the actions first and look for a proper solution.

As for your unban request, I would have denied it too because a large part of the request looks like excuses (as mentioned above). Feel free to post a new unban request with the given knowledge, we'll judge it as fair as we can.


"Don't matter"

That was the reason I was given. If you are going to find that invalid, then you should get your staff team to follow the rules properly. Not my problem. I'm done with this prejudiced bullshit.

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You were banned by Ecconia with reason: "Griefing Alex plot.". If someone on your account did this, I find the ban reason legit. If you mean something else, please be more specific.

Also mind your language, I get that you are upset but keep in mind that it will definately not help you towards an unban.



You think that I want to get unbanned anymore? I laugh at that. You can say that my reasons are just an excuse(bs) but that does not change the truth. You say that the staff member just made a mistake, yet you were that staff member and you have not corrected it. As I said, you need to fix your rules and your staff team. By the 'consideration' guidelines I was given, my ban was not legit. You can say that I am still giving excuses or whatever, but that doesn't change the truth. You say that you guys discuss and that it may seem unfair to me. Well actually, I was given strict reasons why he was not banned and they should apply to me right now. You can not say that you revoked the guidelines, because there is nothing about that. This server is unfair, unbalanced and prejudiced. That isn't my problem. I was turned down when I had ideas, and now banned unfairly. I don't even want to be on the server anymore, because it is prejudiced. I may not be able to put out the truth here, but I have other ways. Goodbye; Stym's Prejudiced Server.


I hope you will find your luck elsewhere.

For my defense (1), you did grief on a plot, and got banned for that. That's a fact.

What we want banned players to do: Keep their cool, accept what they did, tell us to not do it again, or do things to prevent that what happend happens again.
Insulting the staff team or argue/cry like a baby won't help anyone in this matter.

Defense 2: yes it's possible
that I did mistakes in the past (and I probably did some mistakes), I hope that won't ever happen again, I'm also a human and learning.


Hello. My IGN is Rigidity. Yes ik this isn't the correct username for that account, but I lost my old account, so this is my second. I was banned for general rudeness, and spamming infinite fireworks, and not being nice. I know that if I were to get another chance, I would do better, and have fun with redstone on STYM. Thanks for taking your time to read this. ~Rigidity.


Don't forget the lag machines you build. Also you did not stop to bother a staff member even after he asked you to.

banned for hacked client

um hi i got banned for using a hacked client sorry. im just a smol bean and ik i shouldnt have used the client i was just using it for good fun and all i did was give people speed sticks that apply speed when in hand so pls unban me ive been a member for a while and its a great server and id hate to miss out on it.

thank u,
smol bean

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Dear TechWaffle,

Your ban appeal has been denied. A short quote from the first post in this thread: "When you write an appeal you should include what you did, why you did it, why you won't do it again and why we should pardon you.". Your appeal does not contain all of these things.

You are allowed to post another ban appeal after reading the first post of this thread.


ban appeal

ok, thanks for giving me a second chance. what i did to get banned was use a hacked client. i in know way had any intentions of harming the server (griefing, spamming etc.) i just had it on and i was like "whatever".. I shouldnt have been so careless. i was using a stick, that when in hand, it applied speed and i was using it and amino/jetfee asked for one and i was like "ya sure" then baz banned me. i wont come on this server with that client again, in fact ive deleted in from my computer. pls forgive my unacceptable behavior.

thank u,

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Dear TechWaffle,

Your ban appeal has been approved, you can now join the server again.
I hope you will indeed be more careful in the future.


Ban Appeal

Hello Stym's Staff,

I'm here to appeal again, unfortunately. I know I've made some obvious, and quite childish mistakes that have gotten me rightfully banned. To Ecconia: I'm sorry for arguing, and disobeying you. You are a staff member on the server, and whether I like it or not, I have to listen to you.

I not only advertised, but showed stubbornest both in game, and in Discord. I think Discord is the place where a lot of the rule breaking took place. I was really kind of salty towards other members, and I wish I hadn't. The reason I think I should be pardoned is because I am sincerely sorry for what I did, and I will not do it again... They say you never know what you have until it's gone, and this is a good example. I love this server, and I am disappointined in myself for acting the way I did, because the community has done a lot for me, and this is in no way giving back.

Again, I am sorry for acting the way I did on this lovely server. I hope to be pardoned, and welcomed back into this great community.



We consider it, and reduce your ban time.
Due to me being lazy, you don't have a proper ban reason. Well you know what you did anyway.
3 Months is the temp ban you receive.

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i have been temp banned for 1 day 16hrs 35min

i was just wondering if could get this shortened i'm really sorry about writing that in blocks i was feeling a bit retarded and my brother dared me to do that so i was not in total control

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This punishment is a warning. Just wait patiently, when you come back please be careful, if you repeat your mistake you will receive a worse punishment, or even a perm ban.

Ban time reduced to 1 day

My greifing ban

My name is Collin I am 12 and I was 11 when I got banned for griefing and first off I want to say sorry for everyone and anyone I griefed. I greifed the visitors area stupidly. I did it to clear some area for something I wanted to build. I regret my actions and I have learned from them. I'm not gonna guilt trip you into this one. But if you think I'm worthy to be back on all of your guys amazing server I would be more than grateful. I am sincerely sorry. My account is texas_made_409. I bid you farewell and a great day.


You can now join the server again, you should read the /rules again, since there have been some changes.

I broke 5 blocks of another

I broke 5 blocks of another build accidentally. Everyone around me is following me around saying "Griefer Griefer" yet it was an accident and I didn't break much. I would really like another chance on this server.


Hmm okay... imma investigate.
*Whats your username?
-> Why did you answer to a post, that is not related to you? :P


If you don't want to tell me your username, i can't help you.

Oh sorry, my username is

Oh sorry, my username is Stxrr

You are a Griefer!

I have exactly 226 blocks on record, which you removed from either existing builds. Or from the visitor area floor.
Means you did not only grief, but also leave ugly terrain.
My investigation ends here.
Since you are doubtless a griefer, i would recommend you to wait at least half a year and try again, with a proper ban appeal.

Greetings Ecconia

I didn't break 226 blocks...

I didn't break 226 blocks... I only broke like 5. I am honestly confused. Can I have one more chance? I promise I won't grief.

You are a griefer!

I have exactly 226 blocks on record. <- This is a fact! Its not a lie i made up.
You account, which you are responsible for did grief.
We log all block edits. So i can exactly look up what you/your account did. And that is griefing.

This is not a place for discussions.
Either you accept our truth, or you don't complain/discuss, since we will ignore it.
Discussing will also lower your chance of an unban drastically.

Do as i recommended you to do.

Banned, unfair punishment I believe.

Username: Mr_IO

Ban reason: Insulting staff

Banned by: BunnyInc

Why should I be unbanned?: So let me start from the beginning, ever since I have played on styms BunnyInc has always not liked me, I did not really mind that until he started calling me things like"Mentaly hancicapped jew" and calling a lot of my creations bad and stupid. I have put up with this for a while, but I started getting really mad a while ago and I decided I was going to say something back.
So I called him an idiot. I instantly took it back though, I said(and I quot)"No wait bunny i'm sorry D:" After about 20 seconds he banned me. Perm banned me for insulting staff, I took it back then and I still regret saying it. I have been on styems for months now and I have build a lot of things on there, I had not been doing redstone for a while because I was not sure what to make, I finally got an idea of something to make, and while building it I got perm banned :(. I feel like this is unfair punishment, I am asking if I can be unbanned, or at least my punishment reduced. Thank you for reading this, I hope you can decide on what is best :D

Have a good day - Mr_IO


Player has been unbanned the day before this comment.

did i grief?

when i tried to log on the server said i griefed in the learner area.
as far as i know i did not intentionally grief builds.
i only removed two builds above my HEX game wich did not work.
if i did accidentally break something that worked i apologise.
also in that case could you tell me what?




i also forgot to mention that those two builds were pretty small
and i tested them for them then to break multiple times


Any form of griefing will not be tolerated. Griefing is not only destroying, but also changing even one block of a build you do not own.
-> You should never remove blocks, no matter which situation/condition...
To prevent misunderstandings, write down the creators name on a sign in plain sight.
-> The two doors, have no note, that you edited them... And you literally removed many blocks.

Due to obvious griefing, you are banned.


im sorry and i admit that i have griefed, i will not do that again.
i was not properly thinking at the time and i know it is wrong of me.

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Proper appeal

You can always create a proper appeal if you wish to have a chance at joining the server again. Follow the guidelines from the top of this thread (


At least two doors by _subwoof_ (or so) got heavily griefed by you, so that they didn't work anymore, at one door the whole bottom was missing. Happend 2-4 days ago.

Picture of fixed doors

2017-06-07 04:59 - Server time
Currently: 2017-06-12 11:10

ban appeal

hi - im RobotMan2412 and i was banned for briefing two doors
in the learners area.
i did that because i thought they were abandoned. i was wrong.
i wont do it again because i don't want to get banned again and it is rude of me.
i want to join again because i want to finish my builds.
have a nice day!


Not enough yet...

You won't do what again?

i wont do again

i wont grief again.
its just rude and dumb.
its not how a community works.
and i do want to be part of this community.
and griefing is the rule i broke.

a nicer ban appeal, i hope

hi im RobotMan2412 and i was banned for briefing and other weird stuff in the learners area.
to _Subwoof_: im very sorry that i griefed your creations and i won't do it again.
i don't know why i did it anymore but i was acting retarded already the day i did it.
i have been banned for a few days and not being able to play on this won server for that long is my own fault.
please let me back in. i really liked this server.

sorry for whatever i did to you :(

Ban Appeal

So, I was Banned and the reason I was banned because of Vulgar Building In The Visitors World.I wasnt the one who did the Vulgar Building though the thing is I went to go Number 2 and my older brother {Who Is 14 Years Old} went on to my computer while i was taking a crap. He's grounded now cause of that and u should pardon me because I will make good excellent redstone bulids.IGN HahGottem if u decide to Unban me.


We do not pass this kind of ban appeal. This ban appeal says that things will happen again. Feel free to write a better appeal.

i really want to get unbanned

it wasent me that was on it was my brother he wanted me to get banned so he broke other peoples builds and i really like redstone so i would never do that to people and i want to play with my friend and have a great time on this server so can you please unban me