Rules apply on all services


A bunch of players didn't realize that the rules apply to all of our services, especially Discord and Survival.
To prevent this from appearing again, we clarify this issue in the rules.

Such services are:
- Website, the forums and private messages as well as any other type of post.
- Discord, may it be a text channel an image or in voice chat, the rules apply.
- ALL of our minecraft servers, ofc redstone but also survival. It does not matter which domain you connect to, if its our server the rules apply.
- Dynmap, also has a chat.
- ...whichever other server we offer in future, the rules apply!

Rules page:


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New Moderator!


dutchminer2011 is now Moderator

After a long time with not many test subjects, this Moderator Junior managed to convince the busy admins that he can handle the Moderator tasks.

Yay, new a team member!
~Happy Ecconia

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Happy new year


Hello dear players,

The staff team wishes a happy new year to all of you.

Enjoy redstoning in 2019!


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Minecraft 1.13.2


We have updated to Minecraft 1.13.2. This is a minor update that only contains some optimizations, so nothing is changed in-game.

As always, feel free to help us detect bugs and propose small or large features in our issue tracker:

Happy redstoning! :)


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Dynmap back


We didn't have dynmap installed since the 1.13.1 update.

Dynmap has been updating since then and is now stable and ready to use.
The redstone world is rendered again. The other worlds will be rendered soon :)

You can reach the worldmap over (dyn) like before.

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Minecraft 1.13.1


After a lot of coding, bugfixing and updating, we have updated to Minecraft 1.13.1.
This new version had major changes, which means that however hard all programmers have tried, there is a good chance that new bugs will come to the surface. If you happen to find a bug, you can report it at the following page so that we can do our best to fix it: .

Happy redstoning in 1.13.1! :)


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Minecraft 1.13+ update status


Hello fellow redstoners,
Minecraft 1.13 has been released in july and basically caused all plugins that worked with blocks, sounds, entity properties and more to break. Plugins have slowly started releasing development builds for Minecraft 1.13, but are likely to contain bugs. For the past weeks, I (woesh0007) have also been making progress towards updating our server to 1.13. In this post, I would like to share and update the remaining problems that have to be resolved in order to update, so that you all can see the progress.

Since Minecraft 1.13.1 has been released recently, we will skip version 1.13 and update straight to 1.13.1.

Remaining update problems for 1.13.1:

- Makes the world generator populate (generate pathways in our case) existing chunks on conversion from 1.12.2 to 1.13.1, which causes the server to crash if certain items were changed by the plot populator. I've currently set the generator to the void generator (which populates nothing), which can be changed back after all chunks have loaded at least once and are converted.

- HawkEye-Reloaded is not very likely to update (soon). Our best option seems to be to replace it with CoreProtect.
- CoreProtect: Breaking an armor stand prints a stacktrace.
- CoreProtect: Breaking a wall player head prints a stacktrace.

UPDATE: WorldEdit has pulled my pull request and added a 1.13.1 Bukkit adapter, so it is compatible with 1.13.1 now.
UPDATE: Block data can now be modified in the block_place event in CommandHelper. This means that inverse placement of repeaters, pistons, etc while holding shift is possible again.
UPDATE: Applied custom patches to CraftBukkit/Minecraft 1.13.1 (bugfixes and enhancements).

When all these problems and possible new ones have been resolved, we will be ready for Minecraft 1.13.1.

Happy redstoning :)


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The Learners area has been cleared


The scheduled Learners area cleanup has successfully finished. The builds that were stored using "/protectbuild" were untouched.
Enjoy refilling the area with brand new redstone builds!


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The Learners area will be cleared soon.


The Learner's area will be cleared on July 4th between 00:00 and 23:59 GMT. If you would like to show your creation to a mod/admin for a possible rankup, ask them before July 2nd.

As usual, it's possible to protect your build from being removed. To protect your build, perform the following steps ON OR AFTER June 27th:
1. Type "/protectbuild tool" to receive the tool in your actionbar.
2. Using the tool, select 2 opposit corners of a cubic region containing your build (this is identical to how WorldEdit selections work and even works with the client-side WorldEdit CUI mod).
3. Type "/protectbuild protectselectedarea". You will receive feedback about your selection being protected.

Rules for build protection:
- You are allowed to protect as many builds as you want to, but be so kind to not protect builds that you will never use again or builds that take you very little time to reproduce.
- Intended misuse will result in a (temporary) ban.
- Staff is allowed to deny your request to protect a build.
- Builds lost due to you forgetting to protect them will not be recovered.

If you are having trouble protecting your build, feel free to ask staff and other players for help. If you happen to run into a bug, you can send a personal message to me.


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More staffies!


We have new Moderators and Trustees on the server, wohoo~

Two players are now in the Mod-making phase, lets hope they turn out as good mods.
>New Moderator Juniors: dutchminer2011 and ASRS_

Further we have two more Trustees: clueless1234 and Manueluz

Happy server time,

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