Updated to CraftBukkit 1.9.4


After coding for a while, the moment has finally arrived; The server is now running CraftBukkit 1.9.4.
Enjoy playing and feel free to send me a message when bugs happen to occur.


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Regular Clearing and Learner Move 2/13


The Regulars Area is currently shut down, and all builds will be removed Saturday 2/13. Any builds not moved out will be deleted. Contact staff in game or leave a comment here with your machine's coordinates to save and what plot to move it to.

After the Regular Plots are cleared, the Learner Area will be moved into that space. Learners should list their machines coordinates here if they would like to save them. Otherwise, they will be deleted that same day. Do not contact staff in game for Learner builds.

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Regulars Have Private Plots


Regulars have now been approved for private plots! To claim your plot, use "/autoplot claim" while standing or flying in an empty plot. We will soon be discontinuing the public Regulars plots at /regular, so move your stuff out now!

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New Spawn for 2016


Onlybob's spawn building has served us well for the past few years, but it's time for a upgrade. 2016 will hopefully be a year for great updates, including a new spawn building.

As many of you may already know, Kyndo has been hard at work designing and constructing the new building, with help from a few others including myself. His job is nearly done, and it's just about time for me to take over finishing it off with the new info signs. The building is much larger than the previous spawn building, and has enough space to hold much more detailed information in a more organized manner. Information topics are split up into banner-labeled rooms.

The different rooms are:
- First-Spawn Room
- Membership Walkthrough
- General Rank Info
- Donators
- Trial
- Warps
- Rank Challenges
- Member-Submitted Challenges
- Member YouTube Channels
- Commands Info
- Video Tutorial Links
- Rules
- Mod Packs & Textures
- Retired Staff
- Office for each current staff member
- Room for each separate skill rank (Learner, Regular, Builder, and Senior).

Other features will or will most likely include an auto-updating "Active Member Wall' with player heads and names, Teamspeak link button, Membership Video Tutorial button, Automated redstone lamp display marquee, Recent Donator pedestals, and mandatory commandblock-controlled noob question walkthrough on first join.

My question for you, is: Are we missing anything? Now is the time to speak up, because signs are starting to go up, and the sooner any major changes are made, the better it will be. Don't let us forget anything, whether it's a whole room, or just good info to have on one sign.

Visit the build at /warp Kyndo-Spawn. To make any suggestions, click "Read More" in the bottom right of this article and leave a comment.


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Deutscher Moderator: Eccon (Ecconia)


Hallo, an alle deutschsprechenden Spieler auf unserem Server.

Wie ihr leicht feststellen könnt, gibt es auf unserer Webseite einige Übersetzungsfehler, oder Teile welche nicht übersetzt worden sind.
Wenn ihr einen Teil übersetzt haben wollt, oder nicht versteht - fragt mich.
Ihr könnt eure Bewerbungen auch in Deutsch schreiben, müsst dann aber warten, bis ich Zeit habe!
Ich beantworte euch gerne Fragen, also immer raus damit!

Wenn ich nicht ingame erreichbar bin, könnt ihr mir auch zu diesem Thread eine Antwort hinterlassen, oder mir eine Nachricht schicken.

Viel Spaß wünscht euer Moderator Eccon

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Flandyn's resignition.


Hei lads and ladies!

I'd like to notify you all that I'm fully retiring from being an admin. It's been a long trip, following this server growth from when it was half a year old untill it became over 4 years old! I've spent quite a lot of time on this server, and I've recieved experience and knowledge I will most obviously use in my life. I thank you all for spending time with me, helping me, teaching me and most importantly; correcting my english. You guys have made the server to the community it is, and I do respect you guys for it. I've met people from all around the world. Learned many languages, learned how to teach and learned how to be a better person.

Why am I retiring? First of all is that I do have less time now than before. I've been trying to schedule time to the server. But since August I've been a freshman in college and therefore strugged to fit some time for you guys. Second of all, I've been a staff for about 3 years, so I do think someone elses should take my place now. I do hope you guys will continue to play on this server, and keep it alive. Luckly, I do know that woesh0007 and Gort will take a good care of the server together with the skilled moderator team we have. I will surely use my free time to get on the server, even though it's very limited.

Best regards

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Clearing of the Learners area November the 4th!


As time go by and the learners area fills up to be crowded. We have to do a clean up in the Learners area. It will be done November the 4th! So you have 30 days untill the clearing.

Learner: Do I get to save my project durning the clearing?
Staff: Same procedure as last time Learner.
Learner: Do we get 20 days of refund this time too?
Staff: Same procedure as last time Learner.

How do you save a project.
Option 1.
Click the read more on this article. Create a comment.
"X Y Z" Please use space between the cords.

Option 2.
Ask a staff in the server.

Option 3.
Leave a comment on the report board.
To get to the report board; type: "/report"

Be aware that staff are allowed to deny requests. Things like replicated work, underground bases, small builds will usually be denied.

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Stym's Race for the Wool Tourney!


Hei dear members of the server!

I'd like to welcome all of our members to a fun game day on sunday! On this game day we'll be playing the fun teambased PvP game Race for the Wool on this server.

Race for the Wool (RFW) is a PvP based gamemode in minecraft where two teams compete against each other to find 3 different coloured wool blocks and bring them back to the wool monument. The first team to complete their monument wins. The fields are "Deathrun" like, they are thin and long. The PvP is indirect, which means there are no physical combat like sword fights, but you can fight with bow and arrow aswell as TNT cannons. Which maps we use will be revealed on the day, so noone can pre-practice, how ever we do allow teams to inspect the map before they start.

If you'd like you can join as teams, or we will help you to find teammates. It'll be extra fun if you bring a microphone and talk together.

We will start at sunday August 30. at:
08:00 pm GMT +1 Norway, Germany, Netherlands, France etc.
07:00 pm GMT 0 Great Britain, Iceland
02:00 pm GMT -5 / EDT
11:00 am GMT -7 / PDT

Here is me, two old mods and another member playing race for the wool:

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The Server is temporary unavailable[back online].


The server is currently being moved to a new host and will be down for a couple of hours. We'll be back on 24/7 again after the move.

Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE: All files were successfully moved and the server is back up at beta.redstone-server.info. Have fun playing.


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Learner plots clearing July 22th 2015!


Hei, it's 3 months since last time and the learners plot is filling up fast. We want to make this clearing as painless as possible. To save your builds tell a staffmember, preferable reply on this article telling us the name of the owner and cords of the creation. We also have 24 days after the clearing to refund your creation (As long as you have the cordinations of your creation). Remember that staff are allowed to deny requests to save your builds or refund your creations. You can also post your request to have your creation saved at /report.

Best regards

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