Stym's Race for the Wool Tourney!


Hei dear members of the server!

I'd like to welcome all of our members to a fun game day on sunday! On this game day we'll be playing the fun teambased PvP game Race for the Wool on this server.

Race for the Wool (RFW) is a PvP based gamemode in minecraft where two teams compete against each other to find 3 different coloured wool blocks and bring them back to the wool monument. The first team to complete their monument wins. The fields are "Deathrun" like, they are thin and long. The PvP is indirect, which means there are no physical combat like sword fights, but you can fight with bow and arrow aswell as TNT cannons. Which maps we use will be revealed on the day, so noone can pre-practice, how ever we do allow teams to inspect the map before they start.

If you'd like you can join as teams, or we will help you to find teammates. It'll be extra fun if you bring a microphone and talk together.

We will start at sunday August 30. at:
08:00 pm GMT +1 Norway, Germany, Netherlands, France etc.
07:00 pm GMT 0 Great Britain, Iceland
02:00 pm GMT -5 / EDT
11:00 am GMT -7 / PDT

Here is me, two old mods and another member playing race for the wool:

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The Server is temporary unavailable[back online].


The server is currently being moved to a new host and will be down for a couple of hours. We'll be back on 24/7 again after the move.

Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE: All files were successfully moved and the server is back up at Have fun playing.


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Learner plots clearing July 22th 2015!


Hei, it's 3 months since last time and the learners plot is filling up fast. We want to make this clearing as painless as possible. To save your builds tell a staffmember, preferable reply on this article telling us the name of the owner and cords of the creation. We also have 24 days after the clearing to refund your creation (As long as you have the cordinations of your creation). Remember that staff are allowed to deny requests to save your builds or refund your creations. You can also post your request to have your creation saved at /report.

Best regards

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The Server is temporary unavailable[back online].


The server is currently offline due to a security issue. It will be back up later today.

See you soon on the server :)


Update: The server is back online. Have fun playing.

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We're very happy to see our Learner plots filling up so fast, but that means we need to make space! If you don't want to lose your build, post it here ASAP.

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Seeing as to how I have not been active for a long time, it seems proper to let the dying horse die. I am slowly accumulating other interests other than Minecraft, and it's place as one of my go-to games is declining. Because of my absence, I feel as though I should give up my rank. What good is a manager in a store if they are never there? I do believe however that I might start playing a bit more on the server, as I will no longer feel as though I just left the server, and not feel guilty for not getting on.

I hope everyone enjoys and benefits from this server as much as I did. Believe me when I say that it has helped me in a way that will stay with me forever.

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The server is updated and does now run CraftBukkit 1.8


Happy new year everyone!

We're starting this new year with a CraftBukkit update to MineCraft version 1.8. Some people wondered why this took so long, here is the reason:
Due to a DMCA takedown (copyright issue), CraftBukkits download page was taken down and further development for CraftBukkit server software stopped. Many of the developers resigned and the CraftBukkit future looked hopeless. Fortunally, some of the left-over developers decided to find a workaround to publish a new CraftBukkit version anyways. This version has finally been released, allowing us to perform the update.

In other news: As many people have requested, I have written a tab-auto-completer for all custom-written commands. This means you could now type "/tp woe" and press TAB to autocomplete it to "/teleport woesh0007" when I'm online (It of cource works for other players too).

And to end with; I want to ask all of you for a favor. The server is currently working and has a lot of useful features, but we should face the fact that it will never be 100% perfect. If you have an idea of how to improve the server and make it a better place for this community, please don't hesitate and create a post on the forums or send a personal message to me. Together we can make this community even better.


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New rank promotion system


Hi guys. I have been out of town A LOT hence the reason for my inactivity. While I was away though I have made a new rank promotion system. What this does is replace the in-server signboard that has only a coordinate listing and any potential confusion created when staff try to rate it. Please go to the 'Promotion Requests' tab to make a new rank promotion request. Thanks!


EDIT: Visitors are not eligible to use this system for a promotion. Please complete an application to be promoted to Learner.

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Regular Plot Clearing Nov 1st.


Out with the old, and in with the new. We'll be cleaning up the Regulars Area of outdated builds on November 1st.

We don't want you to lose your things though, so If you have anything you'd like to save, simply post about it here: and we'll save it for you.

Happy Redstoning! ;D

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The server is updated and does now run Craftbukkit 1.7.10


After some time of google-ing, downloading, updating and programming, our plugins and craftbukkit are all up to date again.

A lot of our members use the client-mod WE CUI (A graphical WorldEdit region visualizer). If you would like to use WE CUI on the updated server, you can download and install it using the links below:
Liteloader (required to load the mod):
The mod itself:

A short install guide:
1. Download both files.
2. Load Minecraft 1.7.10 and close the window.
3. Execute liteloader-installer-1.7.10-02.exe and click install.
4. Go to C:\Users\<>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods (Create the mods folder if there isn't any).
5. Move mod_worldeditcui_1.7.10_00_mc1.7.10.litemod to the (new) mods folder (Make sure the extension is .litemod and NOT a .zip which appears to happen in some cases).
6. Start Minecraft, make a new profile named "MC 1.7.10 + CUI" and select game version "Liteloader 1.7.10".
7. Save the profile, load the game and you should have the mod installed.

Note: This mod only adds a graphical visualization to your game client. If you don't have permission to use WorldEdit on the server, it will be useless to you.

Remember to keep reporting bugs / suggestions on the forums or in a private message to me, they are very much appreciated.


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