The Learner's area will be cleared soon.


Hello there, The Learner's area will be cleared on Saturday June 29th. If you would like to show your creation to a mod/admin for a possible rankup, ask them soon. If your creation has not been finished yet, feel free to ask a mod/admin to save it for you. Remember: Mods/admins are allowed to deny your request to save a creation. If you can't contact a mod/admin in time, place a sign on the reportboard at '/warp report' to make sure it will be noticed by a mod/admin before the plot will be cleared.


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Scheduled downtime today


Hi guys,

Out hosting company will be migrating to a different datacenter today. The migration will start at 9PM CST (UTC-6) and will last from 6 to 12 hours, during which the server will not be available. The website will still be up and running, so we will keep you posted with the updates.


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Learner's plot will be reset soon


Hei, we are going to have a new learner's plot reset May 13. I hope that everyone is becoming well prepared. And we do accept if anyone wants their creation stored, we if could refuse to do it, if the creation is assumed as either crap or a copy from the internet. We want fresh ideas, new creations and creative invetions.

UPDATE: Just a small update from your staffmember Flandyn. If you want a schematic of your creation. Do /warp report. We've made this report board so people can request things like: Griefs, Wants a plot, Schematic, World Edit help, or anything else.

Your Beloving Norwegian:

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Learner's plot reset


Hello all. Due to the superfluous amount of redstone creations on the learners plots, we are going to reset the learners plots NEXT SATURDAY (the 13th of April). If you feel your creation is massive and IN PROGRESS, it will be saved. Thank you for your patience.


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Server downtime


Hey guys, I know everyone is waiting for the server to get back online, so I wanted to give you an idea of what happened.
In a nutshell, the server box started having hardware issues again, and after seeing this happen so many times over the last months we decided to switch to a different hosting model. Instead of owning and maintaining a physical box we will move to a virtualized cloud hosting solution. This is going to take some time as we need to transfer gigabytes of data. Please bear with us, and as always, we're looking forward to seeing you on the server!

UPD: File and database migration complete, bringing up the server and testing, temp lockdown via whitelist.
UPD2: Back up!
UPD3: As of March 12th, 10AM GMT, the hoster is migrating our server to another hardware node which will cause several hours of downtime.
UPD4: We're back online.
UPD5: Ok guys, we're at a point where we decide whether we want to keep the new hoster or not. If they can't rectify this issue today, we'll be looking for alternatives. Sorry about that, you know we are getting frustrated just as much as you are.
UPD6 Back online, and hopefully this will last.


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Happy new year!!


Happy new Year!!!!

Hello fellow users, I hope that you will have a great time today. Be careful with the fireworks.

The server has been going for more then one year and six months now. It's huge.
We want to thank everyone that has been with us this year. We want to thank everyone that has donated, the money is really appreciated.

The Redstone server staff wishes you a Happy New Year!!

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1.4.4 / 1.4.5


EDIT by Stym: updated to 1.4.5 beta build... so far so good. Thanks for your patience, all. The 1.4.4 clients are compatible with 1.4.5

The server is empty, and I think the reason is that many players are playing on 1.4.4, the server is not updated to 1.4.4 (YET!). We will update when all plugins (or the most important ones) are stable enough and the recommended build of bukkit for 1.4.4 comes out.

If you want to play, follow these instructions from Flandyn:

You could restore your minecraft folder, or download minecraft for 1.4.2. When you are updating it doesn't mean it is impossible to join.
How to restore your folder:
Press Windows button -> Write this in the search section %Appdata% -> Go to roaming -> Then right click your minecraft folder -> Go to properties -> Then hit earlier versions -> Wait a few second and you will see the options -> Go the the date you updated your minecraft or before -> Then restore.
I hope that this would help you.

If this doesn't work, download this program MCNostalgia and follow his (sonicrules) instructions on the post.

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HUGGs anyone?


Hi everyone, here's a silly plugin for your enjoyment:

Usage: /hugg <username>
Available to everyone. Awesome heart effects included.

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Clearing the Learner plots!


So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night.

We mods have decided that a clean up in the learners area is necessery! We will start cleaning it next week. If you got any projects you would like to store. Tell a mod. The cleaning has not got any speciel times, but it would be on friday, satureday or sunday. If you havn't notified the mods in this week, then it would be most likly wiped away, so be careful! As always Flandyn will be active as much as he can. And you will probably see some other mods aswell. I hope this is good news for most of you. Remember that we are not saving very small and useless things... Good Luck!

Your Belvoving Norwegian:

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Introducing Ping Tool


Imagine a friend is helping you work on your redstone circuit and the following dialogue ensues:
- I think you need to increase delay on this repeater.
- Which one, this one?
- No, this one over here.
- This one?
- NO, this one right here!
- This one then?
- GOD #$%@#, NO!

Well we've faced this problem too and here is a solution: a custom built plugin (inspired by the ping tool in Portal 2, by the way).
Just equip an arrow, point to the block you want to highlight, and right click. Everyone around that area will see a mob spawner-like flash around the block you are highlighting. That's it, enjoy!

The function is available for Learner+ ranks, and the source code will be published some time soon.

~ Stym

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