Tutorial-Plot public


Regulars and Builders can from now on build on the school-plot-dev.

You may only build tutorials for redstone there.
You must not take too much space, or edit other tutorials.

I am looking forward to some nice tutorials.

PS: To get to the plot use: /plot tp school-plot-dev


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Happy new year!


The staff team wishes you all a happy new year full of fun, inspiration and of course redstone builds.

The staff team

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I smell 1.12.2


Laziness got defeated, we now have 1.12.2, Hurray~


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Moderator BunnyInc retired


BunnyInc retired, since his life demands more time from him.

If Bunny finds some time, the staff team welcomes him back :)

PS: I don't know if Bunny allows to tell us why he retired as him :/
@Bunny write a farewell article here :P

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MC version 1.12.1


We updated the server version~
If you want quicker updates, bother us devs more :P


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Steam group!


We now have a Steam group.

RSinfo | RedstoneServer

You can only enter by invitation, so ask me (Ecconia) for now to get in :P
As soon as a member seems mature enough, we can declare him Moderator there :)

Why join?
Play together with other members from our server! One chatroom on Steam for members!


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New Rules


We finally created a new rule version, almost final.
All team member have brought their thoughts in there.

-> Read the new rules!!!

If you want to you may leave comments about the new rules under this post.
Anything can be noted, things to improve, criticism, ways to exploit the rules, questions.

Small changes will probably be made the next days, due to user/trustee input.


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The Learners area will be cleared soon.


The Learner's area will be cleared on Friday June 30th. If you would like to show your creation to a mod/admin for a possible rankup, ask them at before the 29th.

As usual, it's possible to protect your build from being removed. To protect your build, perform the following steps ON OR AFTER June 16th:
1. Type "/protectbuild tool" to receive the tool in your actionbar.
2. Using the tool, select 2 opposit corners of a cubic region containing your build (this is identical to how WorldEdit selections work and even works with the client-side WorldEdit CUI mod).
3. Type "/protectbuild protectselectedarea". You will receive feedback about your selection being protected.

Rules for build protection:
- You are allowed to protect as many builds as you want to, but be so kind to not protect builds that you will never use again or builds that take you very little time to reproduce.
- Intended misuse will result in a (temporary) ban.
- Staff is allowed to deny your request to protect a build.
- Builds lost due to you forgetting to protect them will not be recovered.

If you are having trouble protecting your build, feel free to ask staff and other players for help. If you happen to run into a bug, you can send a personal message to me.


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Twitter & Discord



We have our Twitter account and the widget for it back.
Okay... we did not lose it, but nobody posted something there.

Lets see if we can change that :P
We will try to post important changes like version update and new staffmembers there.

The Widget is on the sidebar (on the right side), scroll down a bit.

We also have a widget for Discord now :)
You don't have to search for some hidden link at spawn anymore.
Can also be found on the sidebar.


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Updated to CraftBukkit 1.11.2


The server has been updated to CraftBukkit 1.11.2.

Merry Christmas from the staff team.


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