1.1 is Out


Stym and I were glad to see 1.1 finally out, but hold still for just another moment. If you wanted to continue playing on the server (beta.redstone-server.info), don't update until we update our server or else you won't be able to play. :( Do not worry though, as soon as Bukkit gets updated, we will update our server and we can all enjoy 1.1 together!

A quick note: if you updated and are no longer able to join the server, please read the following information on our forum.

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Temporary mail delivery issues


Just a quick notice. We had some mail delivery issues today. If you have registered for a new account, but never received a confirmation email, please follow this link to request a new password. If you continue to have issues, use any other means of communication (server chat, Twitter) to let us know.

See you in game!

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Bye Bye Whitelisting!


Hi everyone,

First of all, Merry Late Christmas. Have a Great new Year though!

Thanks to Stym's hard work on our permissions plugins, we are now able to remove our much feared whitelist and are now open to guests. However, you still must apply on the forum to earn the Regular rank and have proper building permissions. For all the guests, you can use fly mod or ask a member on the server to give you a tour and check out the server before making an application.

Our Redstone area has just undergone a massive makeover, the floor is now tiled and each Redstone device should be placed in a tile. Also, the Redstone area is split into three areas; Games, ALUs, CPUs, and Calculators, and Other so be sure to look out for these areas. Thank you for your cooperation and really appreciate you taking care of our server and keeping it a great place for everyone!

Space Invaders has been finished and can be found in the Redstone area as well. Here is the teaser/ trailer for it, hope you enjoy!


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Hello Twitter, bye Alpha server!


The future of the Alpha (ex-redstone) server is one of the tough decisions we had to make. While this server had a lot of awesome stuff on it, it has became apparent that it just couldn't hold all of the structures, and the process of navigating between the huge amount of uncategorized circuits was both confusing and time consuming. In addition to that, a lot of people have been requesting a pure creative experience, something that this server never had.

To cut a long story short, the Alpha server is fading away, with the Beta (creative) server taking its place. According to our policy, the world has been made downloadable, and you can get it here. If you want to see any structures from the Alpha server imported to the Beta server, please don't hesitate to let us know!

On the upside of things, we became a tad more social today. Follow our Twitter account to be the first to know about our new projects and updates!

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Creative server whitelisting


Hi all,

We had to re-introduce the whitelisting to the creative server. While having no whitelist has been a fun experience, everything comes to and end at some point, and I am sure you guys will understand why. Frankly, I am amazed by the amount of time we were able to pull through without whitelisting of any kind and without any significant griefing - thanks, community!


We are now off the whitelist once again and are accepting guests so they can see what they're in for before applying. Have fun!


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1.0.0 is on the way


The beta server is being updated to 1.0.0. In the meantime, the SMP server will still be up and running 1.8.1
We expect the update to be finished tomorrow, stay tuned!

EDIT: The update has happened, and we are running 1.0.1 now.

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Server status, updates, user approvals, plans and more


Hey everyone,

The last couple of weeks have been really quiet for us, mainly because we were waiting on CraftBukkit and all plugins to catch up for 1.8.1. In the meanwhile, some of you have built amazing stuff on the temp 1.8 server, like the one on the image attached. Now, what's going to happen next? Read on to find out.

Server split

That's right, the SMP world and the Redstone world will be on different physical servers from now on. This also means different server addresses, but luckily we got a server list now in 1.8, right? Now, why would we want to do the split? The reasons are purely technical: unfortunately, redstone is a huge CPU hog, and therefore it doesn't co-exist well with other worlds, contributing to lag in them. The rest is simple enough: separate servers means more processing power, which means less lag.

1.8 update and new host

The Alpha server will go down for updates tomorrow (Saturday) at 8 AM GMT. Note that once it's back online, the IP address will change, as we are migrating it to a different host, so we strongly encourage you to use the DNS name (alpha.redstone-server.info) and not the IP address.

Questions and answers

Q: Once the servers are split, do users need to apply for membership on both servers?
A: No, the whitelists will be kept in sync, and we're not planning any to change the way it works (at least, for now).

Q: Will there be an 1.8 map?
A: No, because 1.9 is close and it will introduce certain changes in world generation. Once 1.9 final is out, there will be a new 1.9 map.

Q: What's going to happen to the temp map on beta.redstone-server.info?
A: It will be published as a world download, eventually. You can still play there while we're rolling out the updates.

Q: What's going to happen to the present 1.7 SMP world?
A: It will still be available, but once the 1.9 world is up it will no longer be the main world.

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1.8 released!


Okay, the Adventure update is finally released. But you know what? You still need 1.7.3 to play on our server (as usual).
If you want to be able to switch between multiple versions of Minecraft, there is an awesome tool available at digiex.net that can do that.

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Up and running again


We're back up, and we have some nice plugin updates.
First of all, the homes and warps are now handled by MyHome and MyWarp respectively. This gives you the ability to invite friends to your homes or even make homes public. Additionally, you can create up to 3 personal warps now, and invite others to use them. If your warp leads to an object of significance, you can ask a mod to make that warp public so everyone can use it. Important: please be sure to set your home by issuing /home set as the previous homes no longer work.
The free signs at RS world spawn are now nicely grouped into kits.
Lastly, be sure to use the /btb command to get 'back to body' upon death from now on.

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The server is currently down due to issues with the cloud hosting provider. The data has not been lost (worst case is several hours of rollback).
No ETA yet on when things will return to normal.

UPDATE: the issues are due to a mistake in our provider's billing. Simply put, they've charged us too much and suspended our account. They've already confirmed that they were wrong, so the server will be up once this issue has been resolved. Most likely, in 15 hours.

UPDATE 2: the server will be up at 12 PM GMT tomorrow (see comments for more info).

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