Redstone world is up!


We are pleased to announce the availability of a dedicated redstone world on our server for all you redstone lovers.

Redstone world:

  • Unlimited everything for building circuits;
  • 1000x1000 blocks of flat grass land;
  • Perma-day, no weather, no mobs, no pvp;
  • Flight is allowed!

Main world:

  • Vanilla SMP rules;
  • No block spawning. Work hard to gather resources;
  • No flying is allowed;
  • Build awesome architecture and watch people go: "- OMG this is so cool! Is this legit? - Yes. - OMGOMGOMG!!!"
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Ventrilo server


Another shiny new addition: we now got ourselves a Ventrilo server.

Paste this into you Ventrilo clients:
Server name:
Port: 3784

Talk to you on Vent!

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1.7.3 is out


We're waiting for a new recommended build of CraftBukkit. As usual, DO NOT update yet. Thank you. :]

P.S. The link now leads to the unmodified 1.7.2 minecraft.jar

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Up to speed now


Yes, we updated to 1.7.2. Please update your clients, join in and finally TRY OUT THOSE FREAKIN PISTONS.
Also, be sure to notify me of any bugs you may discover after this.

Also... try not to crash the server?

Have fun!

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1.7 in a couple of hours!


Wow, as I was writing the previous post Bukkit has actually released a recommended build for 1.7.2. Fastest update ever.
The server will be updated in a couple of hours, and we want to be sure no fluffy kittens get hurt during it.

Stay tuned!

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Still no 1.7?!


Just found this gem on Bukkit forums (originally posted by Monstertke).
Could not resist posting it here.

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1.7 is out! How to join the server now?


The long anticipated 1.7 update is finally out. However, if you update, this will render you unable to play on most servers, including ours. The reason is, the server software we use is written by enthusiasts and not by Mojang and therefore it needs some time to "catch up" (usually 1-1.5 weeks).

So what do I do?

Check out this guide written by ToastedJelly. It's written for the 1.5 update, but the same approach still works for 1.7
If you've already updated, you can download the 1.6 minecraft.jar here:

P.S. Also, in 1.7 it is only possible to trigger TNT with redstone or fire. Last chance to play TNT spleef before the update, don't miss it! :)

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Redstone Server logs #1


Adding something new! From now on we will post videos showing off the most notable activities on the server.
Today it's the making of the Spleef Dome, and also a bit of TNT spleefing. Check it out on the server: /warp spleefdome
Huge thanks to shaftlandians badguy24 and limabeanliam for participating in this activity.

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How to join the server


I might have not stated it clearly enough, but we are running a whitelist. We're seeing all you guys trying to join, but only the ones who fill out the form for approval, or get in touch with admins in person are allowed onto the server. It's not that hard in the end, just try it! ;]

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Preparing to go public


Hello everyone and welcome to Redstone Server.

We are a group of people who have been playing Minecraft on a small private server for half a year now and eventually decided to go public. We're not aiming to become one of those huge servers hosting 200+ players online simultaneously. Rather than that, we'd like to retain the spirit of a happy, small community treating every new member as a valued addition to it.

If you like the spirit, you are welcome to join!

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